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Should Be A Real Fall Classic

by Tom King

The last time the Cardinals and Red Sox met in the World Series it was no contest. In 2004 he Red Sox were riding a wave of emotion after coming back to beat the Yankees in the ALCS and swept St. Louis in an anti-climactic Fall Classic which ended the so-called curse for Boston. There will be no sweeps this time. 

These two teams had identical records in the regular season. Both teams feature good pitching both starting and relieving. Red Sox hitters have been very good and if there is an advantage it's at the plate. There are some holes in the Cardinal lineup although getting Allan Craig back will certainly help.

The National League has a built in advantage of course in every World Series. That's the fact that the DH will only be used in the American League stadium. The National League is the last remaining league in organized baseball to not use the DH. To play a championship under two sets of rules doesnt make sense and it would certainly be easier for the Cardinals to plug in a DH than expect the Red Sox pitchers to bat. And it will also force us to watch David Ortiz play first base. If the Series is decided by Ortiz making an error, the howling will be loud and justified.

I know there are some hard-core holdouts that say the National League game is somehow "better" but considering every league in organized baseball as gone the other way tells me that the trade-off is one that most people are willing to make. The National League will be adding the DH at some point...it's just a question of when. Would you rather watch Ortiz bat or watch the pitchers flail around and for the most part be an automatic out? For me it's an easy choice.

As a Red Sox fan I'm looking forward to this series. the Cardinals pitchers are very good....but the organization as taken it upon itself to be the so-called "Policeman " of the game. They will tell you what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to celebrating and showing emotion. I've got two words for them...Bite Me. This Red Sox team went from last to first by surgically removing a number of guys who were so sour and off-putting  it was impossible to enjoy last year.s team at all. The beards may be an affectation but they arent hurting anyone...and a show of emotion when something positive happens is no vice. The game at the major league level can use more emotion...not less.

The Brewers announced there spring schedule yesterday. Pitchers and catchers report Feb 15...just 115 days away :-). Spring tickets go on sale Dec 6th.

If you arent watching "The Blacklist" on Monday nights I highly recommend you start. Go back to the first episode and catch up. James Spader is excellent and the plots are more than a little unique.

Steely Dan frontman Donald Fagen has written a new book. It's called "Eminent Hipsters" and its part memoir and part cultural criticism. Havent read it yet but certainly looking forward to it.

Songs of The Day   (from my I-pod)

The Message-Bela Fleck & The FleckTones (1996) back in the 70's we called this fusion jazz and  I like alot of it. Who would have though that a banjo player could do the things that Fleck can do with stringed instruments. This is from "Live Art" a 2 disc retrospective of live performances which include Chick Corea, Bruce Hornsby & Branford Marsalis

The Message-Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five (1982) seminal hip-hop with a social message...this is where it all began for better or worse