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Super Bowl Or Bust?

by Tom King

What constitutes a successful season? That depends...are we talking pro or college?...or high school or amateur? Most Brewer fans will consider this season a bust if they don't make the playoffs even if very few of them gave them a chance to make the playoffs at the start of the season. A late season collapse in any sport skews our viewpoints of success. I think many Packer fans will tell you that anything less than a Super Bowl appearance would constitute a failure. Even though only two teams make it and only one team will win its last game we view success as a championship. Never mind winning most of your games...maybe a division title or a deep run in the playoffs. Win it all or forget it...nobody remembers second place yadda yadda yadda. I'm not one of those folks. Luck and health play to big a part of this to determine success that way. I once was as rabid a Red Sox fan as there was. Lived and dies by every game and every season. The Sox, of course never won it all in my lifetime until 2004. That was long after I stopped living and dying on every win or setback. When the ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in 1986 I was miserable for weeks. I decided that being that kind of fan was unhealthy and it was time for a change. I decided to never again invest my mental well-being on any sports team and the question was, could I still be a fan. I believe I am...just in a much more dispassionate way. I still enjoy the games and marveling in the individual performances of the players. I still enjoy watching teams jockey for position in the chase for a championship and coaches move their chess pieces...but I refuse to get depressed over losses that I have no control over. I refuse to get depressed over the vagaries of luck and injuries that can ruin a season. So go out there tonight and cheer the Packers on. But don't smash your tv or kick the dog or engage in some other destructive behavior if a Super Bowl win does not happen. As Cowboy running back Duane Thomas put it one year' why do the call it the ultimate game if they are playing it again next year?"

Are you a serious fantasy football player and has that changed the way you watch and enjoy the game? Are you more concerned about "your" team than the actual team you are a fan of? And if you are a gambler can you be a fan of any team except the spread?

The Brewer season will probably come down to the next four games. Even a wild card berth will be a struggle if they drop 3 or 4 to the Cardinals this weekend. The offense has fallen off a cliff and there seems to be no end in sight. Amazing how the Cardinals seem to start winning once September rolls around. And if you look at their roster right now you wouldnt say that it's a championship caliber squad.

Progamming note...Packer game day begins on WSAU at 5pm and the Brewer/Cardinal game is moved to Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9 at 6:35.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod)

Not Fade Away-Stevie Nicks (2011) from a Buddy Holly tribute disc and concert...Love how the you-tube trolls trash it and say Stevie can't sing. There is no saving us from idiots on the internet

Not In This Life-Natalie Merchant (2001) from the excellent "Motherland" album