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Take A Deep Breath

by Tom King

I find it amusing that social media becomes such a bitch-fest when your favorite team struggles for a bit. The 2014 baseball season is less than a week old and already I'm reading the whining of Brewer fans that the team stinks because they've lost 2 in a row. Yankee fans are in an uproar after dropping their first two games of the season to the lowly Astros. And, of course, Cubs fans have already written off the season. Relax folks...in a 162 game season 2 or three early games should not be magnified over and above what they are. Every team in major league baseball is going to win 60 games and lose 60 games...its what you do with the other 42 that will tell the tale...but the tales told in the first week are not the finished story.

Social media kvetching is interesting. The generations that have grown up with it have the attention span of a flea. Every thing that happens every day is the best or worst ever...everything is extreme black or extreme white...when real life is rarely that way. Please, like an old man telling you to "get off my lawn", I'm asking you think before you post and tweet...use some nuance in your thinking...and turn off once in awhile...believe it or not, there is a world that exists without a portable device stuck in your face.

Once again...we are finding that Spring Training stats mean little to nothing. Guys that struggled in the spring have gotten off to great starts...while others who had strong springs are still looking for their first hit.

Kentucky is getting alot of late season love from fans and pundits heading into the Final Four. Not to sound like a homer...but the Wildcats havent seen anything like the Badgers this season...plus they are freshman...get the rattled and they will crack. My bracket pick was Wisconsin-Florida in the final and I'm sticking with it.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod)

Mr Crowley-Ozzy Osbourne (1980) from his solo debut album "The Blizzard of Oz comes this tale about Alestair Crowley, a British religious charlatan of the early 20th century. The late Randy Rhoades on guitar

Mr Bassman-Johnny Cymbal (1963) a late blast of doo-wop that spent 16 weeks in the chart. Ronnie Bright from The Valentines sang the bass part