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The Fix Is NOT In

by Tom King

The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night and for the 2nd year in a row and the 3rd of the last 4 the Cleveland Cavaliers have landed the right to make the first pick. Their odds of getting the first pick were miniscule and that has let to much internet and social media hand-wringing from alot of brain-dead bozos about how this system is rigged. Just stop it. There is no...I repeat no way the NBA could rig the lottery to benefit a specific team. The entire process is witnessed by representatives of all of the teams involved...plus an independent accounting firm...plus 4 members of the media. Please explain in clear cogent language how the fix could be done. Besides, two of the league's premier franchises were in the lottery this year and neither Boston or LA was rewarded. That's because it's the luck of the draw...and Cleveland has been extremely lucky the last few years. Now they have to show something for it and not miss on the pick like last year. The Bucks, who had the best odds of picking first will pick second. This isnt the worst thing in the world. They will still get an excellent player, possibly a franchise changing player, without the baggage or cost of being the top pick. Now the Bucks need to pick well. I would like them to take either Wiggins or Parker . We shall see if the Bucks brass agrees when the drat is held in June.

How do you replace a legend? BJ Brandt will find out as he steps into the head hockey job at Wausau West. Brandt should be well prepared to take over for Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Famer Pete Susens. He played at West for Pete back in the 90's before heading off to Central Michigan as a punter. He's been back teaching and coaching at West since 2006 and one of his coaching jobs was the JV hockey spot. I coached BJ on the Wausau Legion baseball team back in the 90's and he was a part of out 1998 State Championship team and remember him as a team player who was well prepared when called upon. It should be a good fit.

I did the Wausau East-Stevens Point baseball game last night. Stevens Point is one of the most talented squads I've seen in awhile. a large collection of seniors with alot of experience sprinkled with youngsters like Trevor Anderson. The sophomore, who was the Valley Hoops Player of the Year, can play a little baseball too. He started at shortstop and looked smooth, and also pitched two inning of relief and threw gas. The Panther pitching staff is so deep that he cant even crack the Top 4. And even though anything can happen in the one & done scenario..it would be a shock if they do not reyurn to the State Tournament this year.

The Coaches meet today to seed the tournament which begins on June 3rd

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Natural Woman-Aretha Franklin (1967) a top ten hit for the Queen Of Soul. Written by Carole King-Gerry Goffin, King later did a stellar version on her classic Tapestry album

Naturally-Huey Lewis & The News (1986) an acapella slice of doo-wop from the iconic 80's band. It's from the "Fore" album which went to #1