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Too Much Stuff, Too Little Time

by Tom King

There is an old line for book readers out there that goes "Too many books...too little time" and as an avid reader I would agree. There are dozens of books that I havent got to yet even though I read about three books a month. The same could be said for TV shows. The world can be divided into movie people and TV people and even though I will watch an occaisional movie I much prefer the  week to week story telling of episodic television. Especially when its in good story telling hands. I watch mostly drama's as most comedic television these days is fairly lame (Big Bang Theory not withstanding)  We have been blessed in the last few years with a bunch of good shows, many of them on cable or the pay channels of HBO or Showtime. I've mentioned the show "True Detective before as a good example. 

The HBO anthology series has two more episodes to run in its inaugural season starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConahey. In todays world of On Demand and Online offerings you have the ability to catch up on shows that you missed the first time around. My list for you would include shows like Mad Men, Homeland, Ripper Street, Justified (based on Elmore Leonards character), The Americans, Boardwalk Empire, Hell On Wheels, and network offerings like The Blacklist, Person Of Interest, Sherlock, Elementary...that's not even counting shows that have ended like Breaking Bad, Deadwood, The Wire, Rome, The Tudors, Sopranos and more too numerous to mention. When I win the Powerball I will have enough time to read all the books I want and watch all the shows & movies I want...until then I will steal the moments I can knowing I'm missing good stuff every day. 

I'm currently reading a set of noir novels by Philip Kerr set in 1930's Berlin during the rise of the Nazi's. Fascinating detail..

It was great to see actual baseball games (albeit spring training) were on tv yesterday. There are actual places in the country where it is warm with no snow. The Brewers begin spring training games today against Oakland.

The winter high school season is drawing to a close. I'll have the final regular girls basketball game for the Wausau East Lumberjacks tonight as they travel to Stevens Point. Pre game at 7:15 on Foxsports Radio AM1390 & FM 93.9. The East boys will play a tournament game Friday night at Merrill...that will be the 2nd game of our DH after the DCE-Eau Claire North game.

Songs Of The Day  (from my I-pod)

The Moment Slipped Away-Christine Lavin (1987) a New York folk singer with a different view on things

Monday Morning-Fleetwood Mac(1975) from the first album featuring Buckingham/Nicks. I always thought Lindsay Buckingham is one of the underated guitarists and songwriters in rock history