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Tournament Slaughters Help No One

by Tom King

I know that the year-end tournament is the reward for players as they finish up the long high school basketball season. But, at least on the girls side, the non-competitive nature of many of the first round games should at least cause us to pause and wonder if all teams should be included in the tournament.

Here are some of the scores from yesterdays first round games with the teams names deleted (no reason to pile on) 73-36, 88-8, 45-13, 66-15, 61-9, 53-15, 64-16, 64-26, 58-10, 76-21...and these are just scores from Central Wisconsin games...I didnt even look at the other parts of the state. Now I dont know about you, but for me there is nothing educational about losing or winning a basketball game 88-8. And the thing is...in many of these games there was no chance of an upset. The skill level is so disparate that the coaches, parents and players knew going in that it was going to be a slaughter. How many players on these losing teams decided that they werent going to play anymore and the cycle of losing will roll on.

I don't know how to decide which teams get in and which teams dont but its done for football and the world keeps on spinning. I know that this is something the WIAA will want no part of but every year it seems the scores keep getting more outlandish and more embarrassing.

Songs Of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Monkey See, Monkey Do-Michael Franks (1976) two Franks songs this week...how lucky can we be? This is from his major label debut "The Art Of Tea" featuring the Crussaders backing him up on many of the songs.

Monkey Time-Major Lance(1963) a song written by Curtis Mayfield and taken to #2 by Lance who later was a popular artist in Great Britian