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Who Knows What To Believe

by Tom King

Its getting to the point where I don't believe anything at first glance. Because of things like Twitter and the various "news" web-sites that have flourished, even mainstream media outlets have fallen victim to the "get it first" mentality instead of the old stand by "get it right". Reporters are lauded for being the first to post a story...even if the real story that trickles out later is much different then what was first reported. And its not just stories like the Michael Brown shooting or the various lies that have been posted as fact about the President. In politics I have come to expect a lack of truth not only in what is said by politicians but what is said about them.

Yesterday we told you the story of USC football player Josh Shaw who reportedly was injured jumping from a second story window onto concrete to save his 7 year old nephew who was drowning in a swimming pool. Great story right? Well...not so fast. I didnt take long for USC to field some calls that called the story into question. I'm willing to bet when the real story comes out we will find the injuries occurred in much less heroic fashion.

People say I am too cynical. That the world is a better place than I give it credit for. Maybe...but then I see the headlines on any particular day... and realize that my cynicism is well founded.

Its been helpful that when the Brewers lose...the Cardinals do too. Milwaukee is still 1 1/2 up on St. Louis after last nights action.

Looking forward to golfing the Wausau Country Club today. That course is usually in great shape...the weather is supposed to be awesome and I'll be hitting new clubs. Also playing with old friends Brian Smith, Myles Kyler and John Trucco, so the good natured insults will be flying as well.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

No-Deposit Love-Michael Franks (1982) another dreamy seamless love song from the master...and a very underrated album called "Objects Of Desire".

Nobody But Me-Human Beinz (1967) a one hit wonder band from Youngstown Ohio hit the big time with this remake of an Isley Brothers song. The word no is used 31 times in the song in case you were wondering