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Zimmer Was An Original

by Tom King

They called him Popeye. Long time baseball man Don Zimmer passed away yesterday at the age of 83. And the term"baseball man" fits Zimmer better than perhaps anybody in the game...ever. He never held a job outside of baseball in his entire life. He spent 60 years in the game as a player,coach, & manager . He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers with Jackie Robinson when they won their only championship. He met Babe Ruth. He was an original Met. He managed the Red Sox during their massive slump and comeback of 1978...and later spent many years as a coach for Joe Torre and the Yankees. He was Manager of the Year with the Cubs when they made the playoffs in 1989. He played 12 seasons in the majors despite being beaned in the face and having a steel plate placed in his head. Oh..and he was married on the field back in 1951. One of his great quotes..."All I've ever been is a simple baseball man....What a game, this baseball". Couldn't have said it better myself.

Plus he was a dead-ringer for my Legion baseball coach Bob McCain. There is a picture floating around somewhere of McCain meeting Zimmer down in Milwaukee.

The 49ers just locked up Colin Kaepernick to a six year contract worth 126 million dollars with a record 61 million guaranteed. Guess they aren't worried about the possible legal problems in Florida.

The NHL finals began last night with an overtime win for LA. Something tells me it won't be the last overtime in this series

Lots of back stories as the NBA finals get under way tonight. Can the aging Spurs get a measure of revenge against the Heat. I think most fans would like to see that.

Good to hear Woodchucks announcer Sean Kellerman was back in the booth last night a couple of days after suffering a freak injury to his head. I'll be back in the booth with Sean for the upcoming homestand which starts tomorrow and runs through Monday.

Saw that Boston is going on tour this summer and has new music to play for the first time in more than a decade. the new album was released in December and is called Life, Love & Hope. the tour will include some dates with the Doobie Brothers including August 9th at Fort McCoy in Sparta.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Never Can Say Goodbye-Jackson Five (1971) The brothers slow things down as 11 year old Michael sings a serious love song. It was originally written for the Supremes. There have been many versions including a big disco hit later in the 70's for Gloria Gaynor

Never Going Back Again-Fleetwood Mac (1977) When Mick Fleetwood accidently stumbled upon Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks while visiting an LA Studio it transformed Fleetwood Mac from an uneven blues-rock outfit to one of the great pop groups ever. Even with all the records sold and concerts sold out...Buckingham, to my mind, is still one of the underrated geniuses of pop music. This is from Rumors.