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Jay-Z Reveals "Holy Grail" Lyrics Featuring Justin Timberlake

by JT

Jay-Z dropped the lyrics to his first single, "Holy Grail" from his forthcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail today. The song will debut in full tomorrow and features Justin Timberlake! The lyrics were made available through his Google Play app, which SAMSUNG users can now download - the album will be available for FREE for 1 million SAMSUNG users on July 4 , three days earlier than the official album release!

The song also features lyrics from Nirvana's song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and was officially endorsed by Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's widow; telling the Huffington Post that she gave Jay-Z permission to use the Nirvana song.

"I'm letting Jay-Z use lyrics - Francis would freak [if she knew this.] Jay-Z's huge and we're friends. I mean we're not besties or anything...." 

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-JT @JTAfternoonshow