Disco Cures Cancer

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Disco Cures Cancer has helped many cancer patients and their families over the years.

When we receive a letter or note of gratitude (through Aspirus Cancer Center), it really makes us feel good, and gives us the drive to make the event bigger and better the next year.

Please read some of the words we have receieved from people who have been helped by Disco Cures Cancer:

Doctors and Staff, Thank you for the way you cared for my grandson. He thought he’d beat the cancer and you never discouraged him. It made his life better.

Dear Staff, Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your wonderful care! You guys are the best! I’ve reached a “milestone” no more treatments (for now) No more pokes for that perfect line --- Yeah! You are all so great and I appreciate all that you do for me!

Dear Staff, Thank you for the excellent care that you give me when I come “to visit.” I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support that each of you gives me.

Dear Doctor, Just a long overdue note to thank you so very much for caring. I am sure that it was due to your expertise that my husband didn’t suffer as much as I feared. And please give your nurses our thanks too. All of them were so kind to him.

Thank you so much for the care you gave our dad when he was there at the hospital and even when he just came to see you. He couldn’t stop singing your praises.

Dear Staff, On behalf of my family and myself, I wish to somehow express our sincere gratitude and thanks for your overwhelming care, concern, and compassion that was given to my mother during the time we spent with you during her treatment. There was never a time that we felt like “just another patient.’

The care was always genuine. You shared in the good news with us, and we felt your compassion in the bad. In this age of when we only tend to hear about the awful, disturbing incidents in the health care system, your facility is a shining example of what we wish our entire health care system should be like. I take every opportunity I can to tell people of the excellent care we received with you, and how you helped make a very bad situation bearable. Thanks again to all of you for everything. May all you do for others be returned to you ten-fold!

I’m not sure I can even express my gratitude to you and the “Angel Fund” for seeing me through this past year and a half. I don’t know how I could have made it without you. Your paying my insurance allowed me to continue my treatment and aftercare without the additional stress of huge medical bills.

Your support, both financial and emotional, made my recovery from cancer and the complications of the treatments possible. The care, support and treatment that I’ve received from Marshfield Clinic and St. Joseph’s Hospital is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in any medical facility.

You will always be in my families hearts and prayers.

To all concerned, I want to thank you for helping us out by paying our electric bill. I will never be able to express to you what a burden this was you have lifted from my shoulders. God answered my prayers when he put me in touch with Brenda, who in turn, got in touch with you.

Since we learned my husband has cancer, it has put a strain on us not only emotionally but also financially. Even though we are lucky enough that he still receives sick leave, the added expense of medicines, gas for our car to get to Tim’s many appointments, and the medical bills left from what our insurance won’t cover, has left me with trying to make the choice of what bills will go unpaid each month.

The choice I made over the winter months to not fully pay our electric bill each time was an easier one, because I thought some time before I had to worry about it and I thought we’d be able to get it paid by selling our second vehicle. I had no luck at all selling our vehicle and it left me with the burden of not knowing what I was going to do. It also has left me with the burden of guilt I carry for not being able to do better at taking care of my family while my husband is sick. I am sorry for this. With God’s help, I hope I will be able to forgive myself.

I will be forever grateful to you for your help. I thank God for all of you.

To all of the Aspirus Nursing Staff (Cancer Center): My husband’s struggle with cancer this past year has taught our family so much. We’ve learned that there is nothing more settling when a loved one is ill than receiving the best care possible. Also, knowing that he did the best he could to beat this terrible disease with your help.

Every time we left Jim’s side, we felt comfortable because all of you were watching over him. You treated him with dignity and respect, and while this may not sound like much, or it’s just in a day’s work, please realize the impact this can have. For a family standing beside someone during the fight of their life can be draining. People like you make it just a little bit easier to walk away for some much needed rest.

Please take to heart this subtle reminder. It takes a very special soul to do what you do and it really makes a difference. Even if the outcome isn’t what all of us have been praying for, our Jim would want to thank you again if he could, but accept our thanks on his behalf.

To each of you who cared for my husband like one of your own, held his hand, made him stand up if even for a moment, and walk for one last time, we truly thank you.

Bennett, just 17 years old, was the all-American high school grad spending a last summer of fun with Wausau friends before heading off to UW-Stout. On the Monday before he was scheduled to move into his freshman dorm room, Bennett’s mom took him to the family doctor to check out a persistent cough that he couldn’t seem to shake. She just wanted to be sure everything was okay before sending her son off to college.

As the doctor told Bennett’s mother that the blood tests were alarming, a sick feeling gripped her heart. In a single minute this young, vibrant, college-bound kid was suddenly fighting for his life! Bennett was immediately admitted to Aspirus Wausau Hospital for further tests. The results broke his parents’ hearts and changed Bennett’s life forever. CANCER.

No one ever wants to hear the word “cancer.” Nevertheless, it was a word Bennett and his family quickly realized was part of their lives. It was a word that would challenge them for more than nine months. Although Bennett’s family could have accessed health care at any cancer center in the state, they chose to fight his illness through treatment protocols prescribed by the nationally known multi-specialty team of specialists at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center.

The fight wasn’t easy or pretty, and it demanded many resources. It took all of Bennett’s will. It took the support of his mother, father, sister and friends. And it took the compassionate care and technical excellence of the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center team.

Together, they did it! It is now 18 months after cancer! Bennett is a college sophomore ready to make his mark on the world. He is forever changed by the experience—maybe better, knowing he has the strength and support to face life’s challenges.

Yet, Bennett is also aware that not everyone has the resources to fight cancer and win. As part of his healing, Bennett and his friends decided to “kick cancer where it counts” by holding a benefit event to support the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center. Bands from around the region played all night in a church auditorium, raising funds to help needy cancer patients fight the disease. They raised more than $5,000.

This year, the money they raised helped develop a patient education room at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center. The room includes a library with resource materials, periodicals, cancer-related books and a computer linked to cancer education and resource sites.

Bennett’s story represents just one of the thousands who trust their care to the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center, where excellence and compassion is our mission!