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Jimmy Bodean

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  • Hometown: Rosholt, WI

    Hobbies: Watching TV, Movies, Sports & Reading. In short...Nothing! OK, once in a while I'll go walking or bike riding..but not very often!
    Since I'm on the subject of hobbies...

    • -Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones movies, Citizen Kane, It's A Wonderful Life, Love Actually, The Christopher Nolan directed Batman movies and many more but it would take up the whole page if I put ALL of my favorite movies here!
    • -Favorite TV show(s): The Late Show with David Letterman & Conan
    • -Favorite Sport: Football (Favorite Team..Green Bay Packers)!
    • -Favorite Author: Stephen King
    • -Favorite Food: Almost anything!...But if I had to choose one Pizza!